Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days Until Christmas

 Today while browsing through some Blogs I came a cross a craft that makes use of all those old magazines we have laying around the house.  I was turned onto this idea by The Scrapoholic who had found the idea on Auntie REcREates (so thanks to both of you for the great idea).   So when I saw this I just had to try it and it turned out great there are some fine tweaks I would make the next time but otherwise this is a great craft that is really easy and can be done while sitting in front of the TV as I did while watching the Canucks game with my Husband. 

Now don't mind the poor decorations on the finished product I didn't have time to go to Michael's and get some decorations worthy of my Magazine Tree.   I can see now why one would use a book as the colors are limited to white and a little black from the type.  I  think unless I spray paint this magazine version the decorations that I put on this tree are going to be over powered by all the colors that are popping out of the pages.   I think I would spray paint my tree Silver and accent it with Purple hued decorations, I can't wait to give it a try. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 Days Until Christmas

This year I decided to send my two Nephews Ryland and Aydin their own Christmas cards but they had to be different then the other cards I sent out to everyone so I came up with the Reindeer and Raccoon you see below, I was really happy with these cards and they look so cute.   

The Monkey card came about because my Sister-In-Law really likes Monkeys so I decided to make her a card with the monkey.  Now none of my Christmas Cricut Cartridges have a Monkey on them so I have to combine my Paisley and Jolly Holidays Cartridge and the end result was exactly what I was hoping for.  They all were so cute I almost didn't want to give them up.


Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days Until Christmas

Cards By Stacie-Lee Christmas Card 2010
Well December sure creped up on me this year and now look it's 12 days until Christmas.  Amongst all the hustle and bustle I was able to complete my Christmas cards this year and have sent them out.  Unlike most people who spend a lot of time writing in them I am the polar opposite I spend a long time designing and making them, then very little time writing in them.  

  This year I decided to use my Cricut to help me out boy did it make things go a lot faster then my old method of cutting everything out by hand with an Exacto Knife.   

My Supplies:

  • Cricut Expressions
  • Jolly Holidays Cricut Lite Cartridge
  • Green Bazzil Basics Cardstock
  • Brown Bazzil Basics Cardstock
  • Shimmer White Cardstock (from Michaels)
  • Green Stripe Paper (Christmas Stack by Die Cuts With A View)
  • Red Swirl Paper (Christmas Stack by Die Cuts With A View)
  • Marvy paper cutter with Scalloped & Straight Edge Blade
  • Stampendous Stamp
  • StazOn Jet BLack Ink
  • Mini Rhinstones
  • Corner rounding Punch